Registration, Login and Passwords

Registration is available only for Delta employees, retirees and authorized contractors and vendors. Unauthorized access will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

A Delta user ID/ 9-digit PPR number (Delta Passport ID) and password is used to access the system

Users who access DeltaNet or TravelNet will use those same sign-on credentials.

For users authorized to register, please click here. You may need a PIN from your HR department first.

Reset or Recover Passwords - access

Input your Delta Passport ID and click "Forgot Password".

Users who have previously setup security questions will be prompted to enter their answers. Users who have not setup the security verification questions, will be prompted for their two-digit month and two-digit day of birth.

To setup security questions, follow the instructions on the setup screen. Answers must be one word with no spaces. Once submitted, if an error is indicated, make the appropriate changes and resubmit.

Once you have gained access to the Password Account Self Service site, choose “Delta Passport” from the list of accounts.

Click the "Change Password" button and input your password in the two spaces provided.

Click "Submit" and wait for a response. A confirmation with a green check indicates success. A red "x" indicates that the users will need to repeat the process with a different password.

Error Messages

Code 10 - Account is locked for 30 minutes.
This error is caused by three unsuccessful consecutive login attempts. Common issues include accidentally leaving your "Caps Lock" key enabled and entering your user name or password incorrectly. Your password is case sensitive. After three unsuccessful attempts, your Delta Passport account is disabled for 30 minutes.

Code 77 - Either Username or Password do not match. Please try again.

First-time registrants should allow at least 30 minutes after establishing their Delta Passport password before attempting to login for the first time. This time is needed to synchronize all systems involved. Logging on too soon will result in a "Code 77" error.

Other causes could include upper/lower case mismatch — your credentials are case sensitive — or an incorrect username or password. Check that your Caps Lock key is off, verify that your PPR number and Delta Passport password are correct.

Invalid Credentials Personal firewall or popup blocker must be disabled to allow access.

Security Exception: URL has been blocked for security reasons - Access to the requested page is available only from computers inside the firewall, or limited to specific user groups.

Page cannot be displayed – Link is invalid or the server may be unavailable.

Pop-up blockers - Pop-up blocker software can cause blank windows to open, windows that fail to open, or page errors. Refer to the pop-up blocking software instructions to disable it. Other options:

Hold the CTRL key + F5 Key to bypass pop-up blocker.
Check your Internet Explorer blocking features as they may interfere with the site operation.
Third-party products, such as Yahoo, Google Toolbar and Hotbar, may include popup blockers and may redirect browsers to a different site. Disabling the toolbar may resolve the problem.
Extranet landing page opens when the docking station/on the Network - Clear cache:

Click the "Start" button
Click "Control Panel"
Double-click the "Internet Options" icon
Click "Delete" button in the middle of the Internet Options window
Uncheck “Preserve Favorites Website Data” at the top of the window
Leave “Cookies” and “Temporary Internet Files” checked
Click "Delete” at the bottom of the window
Click "OK" at the bottom of the Internet Options window
After login, page appears to load, then says “logged out”/ Unable to login, blank screen or "Page cannot be displayed".

Internet Explorer has a "Content Advisor" to help control access for young children. If set to restrict most sites, Content Advisor may interfere with extranet access. Before contacting the Help Desk, users should clear their cache, delete temporary Internet files, and disable Content Advisor with these steps.

Click the "Start" button
Click "Control Panel"
Double-click the "Internet Options" icon
Click "Delete" button in the middle of the Internet Options Window
Uncheck “Preserve Favorites Website Data” at the top of the window
Leave “Cookies” and “Temporary Internet Files” checked
Click "Delete” at the bottom of the window
Click "OK" at the bottom of the Internet Options window
To disable the Content Advisor:

Open Internet Explorer
Click "Tools" at the top
Click "Internet Options" at the bottom of the menu
Click the "Content" tab at the top of the Internet Options window
Disable the Content Advisor
Access and Devices

Some devices such as those that use Microsoft operating systems can access DeltaNet and applications such as TravelNet, although the experience with a mobile device is not optimal. At this time, the IT Help Desk support does not offer support for access via personal mobile devices.

Log Out

Users should log out of DeltaNet before closing the browser, which is especially important when using a public computer. Logging out of DeltaNet and then closing the browser will help to ensure that private information and Delta's internal electronic environment is kept secure.


IT Help Desk assistance for compatible Operating Systems and browsers is limited to actions that will allow the SSL/VPN to run successfully; in-depth operating system and browser support is not provided.

The following operating systems and browsers are compatible with Delta's extranet.

Windows 7 with Microsoft Internet Explorer v9.x
Windows Vista with Microsoft Internet Explorer v7.x
Windows XP with Microsoft Internet Explorer v6.x using Sun Java 1.5 or above, or with FireFox 3.x and Sun Java v1.5 or above
Macintosh OS 10.3.x with Safari v1.3 and Apple Java v1.4, with
Firefox v1.5 and Apple Java v1.3 (no eCrew), with IE 5.2 and Apple
Java 1.3 (no eCrew), or with Netscape v1.7 and Apple Java 1.3 (no eCrew)
The minimum configuration for Macintosh computers connecting via Extranet (SSL VPN) is as follows:

OS X 10.3.9 or higher
Apple Java v1.3.x – This version of java is used by Mozilla, Internet
Explorer, FireFox and Netscape web browsers. Apple Java v1.4.2 cannot be used by these web browsers.
Apple Java v1.4.2 requires OS X v10.3.9 or later; Apple Java v1.4.2 works only with the Safari web browser. Macintosh Safari v3 packaged with the Leopard operating system is not compatible with TravelNet. Please use Firefox until the issue with this version of the Safari browser can be rectified.
Apple Java v1.4.2_09 or higher
Safari v1.3.2 or higher: requires OS X 10.3.9 or later
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